User research: Failing to plan?

It’s the classic phrase – fail to plan, plan to fail. And yet, the single thing I see most often that means user research doesn’t fulfil its potential – or worse, provides completely misleading insights – is that people don’t plan properly. Having thought for quite a few years that I’d be teaching grandmothers to […]

The Power of Yes – NUX2

In the spring of 2013, Susan Weinshcenk tweeted this: I’d read a couple of Susan’s books and followed her blog, and I definitely wanted her to speak in my city. So, I checked in with a couple of guys who help run Northern User Experience in Manchester – Barry Briggs and Chris Bush – to see […]

The cost of CAPTCHA

A couple of months ago I started to look into alternative to reCAPTCHA. reCAPTCHA is the system that requires users to decode scrambled words (or sounds) in order to prove they’re human – with the intention of preventing spambots from submitting fake details on forms. Your typical reCAPTCHA looks a bit like this: On a […]